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Spoilers: эпизод 13.15 "Dying is Easy..."\"—мерть легка..."
ƒата выхода: 8 феврал¤ 2007 года.

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Director: Tawnia McKeirnan

work dates: 1/13-1/21/07

A 30ish comic with end-stage leukemia is too ill for his last gig, so he does it for the ER staff. ("Dying is easy. Comedy is hard." They're looking for a star name for this one.

A panel is investigating Pratt.

An unattractive woman has deceived a date about her looks through email, and she gets injured while chasing him down after he rejects her.

Random: drug addict; weird cat lover; mother who refuses to cut her son's hair.

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Pratt, Hope and Gates are working on a junkie when Morris gets the news that Pratt's medicial license was suspended.

Pratt needs to deffend his actions and convince the board.

Mitchell, Baxter and Higgins are the doctors.

They listen to Pratt.

Pratt's confident.

He tells them he was trying to help people.

He couldn't send them to County because County is all about critical patients nowdays.

Pratt explains that some of the clinic patients didn't meet the criteria for poor people.

Pratt says he had a record system, he didn't charge, he was just trying to help people.

The three doctors are not happy with his explanations.

Diversion of narcotics is a felony, kids!

Mitchell tells Pratt he's a volunteer at a free clinic, too.

But they keep accurate records, are careful with medication and they're there for their patients.

They do no harm.

The board thinks Pratt has violected the Medical Practice Act.

They believe there are enough justification to suspend his license.

The doctors also believe that Pratt was really trying to help the community.

They decideto put him in probation for a year.

Pratt's practice will be monitored.

He will need to perform 100 hours of community service.

They suggest Pratt could find a way to help legalize a certain church-based clinic.

Isn't it cool, sweethearts? Pratt isn't going anywhere!

Abby and Ray treat Jessie, a six years old boy.

Jessie has lice.

The mother wants Ray to cut his hair.

Sam calls Abby because Simon's trowing up.

Simon's the stand up comic.

Ray's desperate, he doesn't want to be alone with lice boy!

Poor Ray!

Morris and Luka treat Oliver.

Oliver burned his hand trying to cremate his cat in the stove.

Poor Luka, he tries to get an oxygen tank falling off Oliver's gurney with his splinted hand and it hurts.

It hurts a lot, kids!

Morris helps him.

Don't you love Morris? I do!

Luka compliments Morris when he explains all about a difficult diagnosis he made.

It's SuperDoc Morris, sweethearts!

Neela works with Dubenko and Creenshaw in double kidney transplant.

She's thrilled about it and tells Ray.

Neela says to Ray it's so amazing to see these people who were waiting for the kidneys and now they are eating Jello with their donors.

She tells him all about the four ORs, four patients, four kidneys and how they all worked well.

Neela put a kidney out. Isn't it cool?

Ray thinks it's cool.

Neela confess to Ray that this is why she became a surgeon.

Ray's all smiles because watching Neela makes his day.

Poor Simon.

He performs his act for Abby, Morris and others.

But he's dying.

Ray thinks about Neela when he gets home.

He has a picture of the two of them at a party.

Gates doesn't finish his shift because Sarah's having trouble at school.

Neela's conflicted.

Drama, sweethearts, drama.

Poor Simon.

He decided for stand up comedy two years ago, when his boss fired him and his father passed away.

So sad!

Sweetheart, Neela tells Malinda she doesn't have a boyfriend.

Not exactly.

They are still defining it.

Don't you know Malinda?

She's an overweight woman who emailed a guy for weeks until they met.

Their date was a a disaster.

He made her pay the bill.

Malinda ran after her e-date and fell into a hydrant.

Turns out that Malinda told her e-date she looked like Cindy Crawford.

He told her he looked like Matt Damon.

He didn't.

Malinda tells Neela that a girl pretty like Neela doesn't need the web.

Malinda has no other choice.

Oh, darling, have you heard about going out and meeting real people?

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Pratt's medical license has been suspended - Timmy gets given a letter to be read by whoever is running the floor, apparently that's Morris today. Morris goes in to a trauma room to tell Pratt the news, while he's treating an uncooperative patient.

Ray and Abby treat a boy called Jessie who has very long hair and lice. His mother says that the docs can cut his hair rather than her. Sam calls Abby away to help with a patient who keeps vomiting. It turns out this patient is a stand-up comedian, who ended up moving to Chicago after being fired and his dad`s death. He has leukaemia and is quite ill. He performs to the staff (under musical montage so don`t know if we actually hear it) and Abby says he did great.

Gates is treating someone called Malinda who went to meet go on date with a guy she has been e-mailing for several weeks. They both lied about how they looked, and he left her with the bill! She ran after him and injured herself. Later on Neela treats her and says she "doesn`t exactly" have a boyfriend. The girl is in pain while Neela does her exam; Gates cracks an S&M joke.

Neela talks excitedly to Ray about a big kidney operation she was involved in. This makes his day.

Ben tells Sam he understands, her kid is more important and she can take as long as she needs....

Pratt faces a panel of other doctors, and explains how the clinic helped those who didn`t qualify for normal help. The doctors seem sympathetic. However, as Pratt expands on how they ran the clinic, he realises that he`s in real trouble, especially when one of the panel brings up narcotics Pratt passed on to patients at the clinic. In the end Pratt is given probation for a year and 100 hours` community service.

Luka is alive, at work but has a splinted hand, which causes him a lot of pain when he tries to catch an oxygen tank as if falls off a gurney as they wheel a patient out of an ambulance - this patient tried to cremate his cat on his stove, and burns ensued.

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Early in the episode, Timmy hands Morris a letter that indicates PrattТs medical license has been suspended. It stems from Pratt's activities at the church clinic. Morris informs Pratt of the letter while Pratt works on a drugged out woman with Hope and Gates.

Ray and Abby start to treat a 6-year-old boy with long wild hair. He may have lice, and the mother says if he does, Ray will have to cut the childТs hair. They are interrupted by Sam, who tells Abby that her patient is throwing up.

That patient is a stand-up comic suffering from leukemia. He came to Chicago from Detroit two years prior because he was fired and because his father died and that changed his perspective on things. He needs surgeryЧbut Neela thinks he would not survive it due to his leukemia, so there is no surgery for him.

Gates treats Malinda, an overweight woman in her 30s who met a man on the internet. She told him she looked like Cindy Crawford, and he said he looked like Matt Damon. Both were less than truthful, letТs say, and when they met, the guy stuck her will their bill. She ran after him and fell into a hydrant. Neela joins Gates. Malinda asks her if she has a boyfriend; Neela says they are still defining it.

Neela, Crenshaw and Dubenko remove a womanТs kidney. (I believe this is part of the transplant story that was originally meant for City of Mercy.)

Gates learns Sarah is having a hard time at school that day (we do not know that outcome of MegТs overdose from the previous episode). Gates leaves quickly and tells Neela that he will call her later.

Ray steps up. Neela decides to get a cup of coffee, and Ray tags along. Neela is excited when she tells Ray all about removing her patientТs kidney laparoscopically. The notes say how much Ray likes it when Neela lights up.

An ambulance pulls up and Ray moves to Luka to help. Morris is there explaining how he diagnosed sickle beta thal in an adopted 14-year-old with strokes. Luka said he made a good pickup. Out of the ambulance they pull a man with burns on his hands and forearms. The man tried to cremate his cat on the stove. He is on oxygen, but when the tank begins to fall, Luka grabs it and we learn his hand is splinted. The pain is excruciating.

Ben tells Sam that he understands that Alex comes first and that she should take all the time she needs. Sam, however, does not get to respond in what we have.

Most of the pages we have involve PrattТs appearance before the medical board. He explains that the people he was helping were uninsured. When asked why he did not refer these patients to County, Pratt says the ER is busy with critical patients and someone just showing up for a prescription refill, for example, might have to wait 12 hours. When questioned about a record-keeping system, Pratt said he did keep notes, and in fact he cleaned the place up. But they get to the heart of the matterЧthe prescription medication that was dispensed and led to the death of a patient. Pastor Watkins interrupts and speaks on PrattТs behalf. It seems he may have brought the whole congregation with him. Even Hope shows up for moral support, since apparently Pratt covered for her involvement. The board finds Pratt guilty of violations but puts him on probation for a yearЧhe must perform 100 hours of community service.

The scene cuts to a music montage first showing Abby, Morris and others listening to the very ill stand-up comic performing his act. It cuts to Neela heading down the street so preoccupied that she doesnТt notice a man bump into her. It cuts to Ray at home in his kitchen, noticing a picture of himself and Neela at a party.

After the comedianТs performance, the crowd files away. He asks how he did, Abby tells him he brought the house down.

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The State Medical Board suspends Pratt's license. For dramatic purposes, he finds out in the middle of a shift while handling a patient with Hope. Looks like he is called on the carpet in front of the Board, which would actually occur BEFORE the suspension in real life. Pratt rips a page from Kerry's book and gives an impassioned speech about the poor and their right to medical care. The docs on the board, one of whom trained at County 20 years ago, have apparently been sent to 2006 in a time warp and are unaware of how the uninsured poor fall through the cracks until Pratt lectures them about it. He broke all kinds of laws regrding the handling of controlled substances which is a major federal crime. Turn out one of the docs volunteers at a free clinic, one that manages to operate within the law, and she ain't buying Pratt's excuses about how he didn't do anything bad since his intentions were good. Pratt's Reverend friend turns up to talk to the board, Pratt doesn't think it is a good idea. The congregation and Hope also show up to support him. In the end, he is put on probation and given 100 hours of community service with no license suspension. They suggest he spend those hours working on getting the operations at the clinic legal.

Abby is working so, unfortunately, she was not hit by a stray bullet at the hostage standoff.

The kid whose mother won't cut his wild and mangy hair has lice. Ick!!!

The internet dating chick is fat, the horror!! When her date met her, he stuck her with the tab for their date, which is why she was chasing him. Seems she told him she resembled Cindy Crawford, but he told her he looked like Matt Damon when, in fact, he looked like 'Matt Damon's fat uncle's ass'.

Looks like Sam and Ben are 'on a break' because she needs more time for her kid. Ben is pretty understanding about it.

The comedian has some condition that would usually be treated by surgery, but he can't have it due to his leukemia since it would kill him. He tells the gang about his career and why he went into comedy, etc. Abby is, of course, his doc, and seems to facilitate his last 'set' for the ER staff and is alone with him as it appears he is dying and he 'reaches out to her'. The best doctor EVAH!!!!

Luka is also not dead and he congratulates Morris on picking up an obscure illness in a kid. He has an injured hand, though, and manages to hurt it again grabbing a falling oxgen tank.

They take care of a kid who tried to cremate his dead cat on the stove and got burned.

Neela and Ray do some bonding as she talks about her enthusiasm for surgery, meanwhile, Gates is needing to spend more time with Sarah. Looking rather triangular as Neela goes home alone while Ray looks at a photo of the two of them at a party.


Question: Can you please tell me if Ray and Neela will finally get together by the end of the season on ER? Thanks!Ч Terri
Ausiello: What if it happened sooner? Like, say, around Feb. 8?


Episode 13.15 - Dying is Easy: Morris is given a paper from upstairs and goes to Pratt, who is working with Hope and Gates on a young girl high on some drug, and tells Pratt that the Medical Board suspended Pratt's license so he can't work at County anymore. Pastor Watkins surprises Pratt and the board by showing up with the congregation to speak on Pratt's behalf. Hope also comes to support Pratt. Pratt and the group are dismayed then relieved when the board comes back with their decision. Ray and Neela spend time together getting coffee, talking about work. Sam is reluctant to get involved with Ben, from the previous episode. Patients include a little boy with possible head lice, a stand up comedian diagnosed with leukemia, a man who suffered severe burns while trying to cremate his cat on the stove, a young woman high on drugs and an overweight woman in her 30s who met a man online and later in real life then tripped on a fire hydrant while running after him when he stuck her with the bill.

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Freddy Rodriguez plays the comedian.


ER --(10:01PM-11:00PM) --(TV-14)

"Dying Is Easy..."

LAST COMIC STANDING-- FREDDY RODRIGUEZ GUEST STARS-- Abby (Maura Tierney) and Sam (Linda Cardellini) try and treat an obnoxious, aspiring comedian (guest star Freddy Rodriguez) with mysterious symptoms. Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) finds himself in hot water as he gets questioned about the death of a patient. Meanwhile, Neela (Parminder Nagra) is thrilled when Dr. Dubenko (Leland Orser) allows her to scrub in on a kidney donor surgery. Goran Visnjic, Shane West, Scott Grimes and John Stamos also star.

TV Guide

With Pratt defending his work at the church clinic to the medical board and Kovac absent, Morris steps up as the lone attending in a busy ER; Abby treats a comedian on the verge of the big time but is concerned when he does not take his illness seriously; Sarah continues to come between Tony and Neela. Simon: Freddy Rodriguez.


10:00 PM - NBC
Abby (Maura Tierney) and Sam (Linda Cardellini) try to treat an obnoxious comedian (guest star Freddy Rodriguez, "Six Feet Under") with unusual symptoms, while Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) finds himself in hot water over the death of an ER patient. Later, Neela (Parminder Nagra) is allowed to scrub in on a kidney-donor surgery.

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