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Spoilers: эпизод 13.04 "Parenthood"

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New recurring character: Katey, a surgical colleague of Neela's whose distinguishing trait is the habit of making blunt, inappropriate sexual remarks.

It appears that Morris attends his biological son's soccer game, but has neglected to introduce himself to the parents. They're creeped out by this strange guy who seems to be overly invested in cheering for their son. They're particularly outraged when Morris pats the son's bottom.

Abby's Baby and Me instructor hates her. Abby hates her back. The other moms in the class hate Abby, too.

Other random plotlines -- a grandfather accidentally injures his grandson with a chainsaw, there's a gravely injured construction worker with a pregnant girlfriend, a dying elderly woman, etc.

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Clive was trying to chop down a tree and his five years old grandson was around.

The chainsaw broke!

Poor Clive.

He had a few cuts, but his grandson needs surgery.

Clive was a single parent for his boys and wanted to be a great grandfather for his grandson.

His daughter-in-law is blaming him for the accident with her son.

She's furious!

Sam and Pratt are treating him.

Poor, poor Clive.

Poor, poor kid.

Morris goes to one of his kids' game.

Remember Max? That cuuuute kid?

But Max's mom is not happy when Morris touches the young Morris!

He's accused of being a child molester!

Awww, Morris' a sweet to an old lady who's a patient in ER.

She loves him!

Courtroom scene.

Luka's being sued.

But the hospital's lawyers are backing up him. For real!

Katey's a new Medical student.

She was told to report to Neela.

She's crude!

She makes sexual remarks about everything!

She flirts with Pratt and Ray!

Neela's embarrassed.

I know I would be, too!

Gates and Pratt are arguing again!

Jane's back!

Oh, my, kids!!!

She's creep.

Abby goes with baby Joe to a Baby and Mommy class.

All the other kids are dressed in designer outfits.

Everybody's cold to her, even the instructor.

That's because Abby's carrying little Joe in a strapper. Is that the name of those carry on things were the kids are suspended by their crotches? I don't know!

The instructor and the other moms say it's bad for the kid, carrying the little cute thing that way. Want to know why? Because it can cause hip luxation and spinal injury!

Did you hear this Britney? Did you?

Abby says she's a doctor and one of the moms says she should know better.

Abby's not taking any of it and replies that dressing kids like they're designers acessories is bad a thing, but she'll be there in ER to take care of them when they come pregnant and OD at fourteen.


These ladies are mean.

But they don't know who they are dealing with!

Late Abby talks to the nannies. One of them ask if Luka's ugly, but me thinks they don't know Abby's talking about the her partner/father of her baby, but about her boss.Abby says no, he's hot and a doctor. The nannies probably think Abby's one of them because they just spill the beans about things they do when their bosses are not around!

Max saves Morris from playing presidio bitch in the future by telling the cops he's his father.

Jane's scary!

Alex decided going to the mall with a friend was better than school.

Luka asks Sam if she found him and she says that.

Luka says he has all that to look forward to.

Sam's aswer: Yeaaaaaah.

Luka tells Pratt that if the residents fail, that's may be because he's a bad teacher.

Luka lets Pratt handle ER because things are calm and Pratt says the ER runs itself.


Luka says he'll leave early because Abby can use some help with the baby.

Abby tries to call Luka, but he's on the courtroom.

She goes to ER, but can't contact him.

Luka's lawyer's good.

But Ames'(the patient) lawyer is good too.

He makes Ames' kids enter the courtroom right when Luka's lawyer's defending him.

Everybody forgets the lawyers and Luka and just stares at patient and his kids.

Lawyers are evil people!

Poor Neela.

She's receiving checks from the Army.

No Jerry, but Timmy's there and Solomon's there too.

Luka, Neela, Pratt, Sam treat grandfather Cliven and grandson Thomas.

Neela and Pratt work on a lot of patients. Katey and Gates are there too.

Neela performs some risky procedure in ER.

She rules!

When Neela and Luka are treating the poor kid hurt by the chainsaw she tells him she got something for Abby and the baby. Luka's all 'I don't get anything'?

No, honey, you're hot, but you're just the father!

No Kerry.

No Dubenko.

No Rosenfeld.

But things change very quick, sweetheart!

Jane's back and she's scary!

Honey, this episode has a lot of drama, too.

There are scenes with Abby back to ER, that seems to belong to another episode.

She's working until morning and leaves a message to Luka.

Abby wants him to call her.

The others want to know if she reached him, they also want news about Luka, who's in courtroom. Evil lawyers!

Remember Chaz? Pratt's half-brother? He's back too.

I don't know the name of the sweethearts who said Jane's there for laughs, but the vibe's very negative.

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Parenthood is going to look at a variety of parents, or the parenting role, as the episode seems to focus mostly on Pratt who, as a new attending, is managing a very busy ER and all the patients, doctors and interns therein.

Incoming include two men injured in a welding tank explosion. One of them has a pregnant girlfriend who is grateful that the father of her baby is alive.

There is also a grandfather who brings in his grandson, the latter injured when a chain saw broke during the felling of a tree. The grandfather also has a close call, and later, the boy’s mother is angry at the grandfather for his negligence while the boy’s father, and the son of the grandfather, is a little more forgiving. Turns out the grandfather raised his own sons on his own.

It seems that Gates is the problem child, and although he claims to be right in a diagnosis, Pratt says he is missing the point, but we don’t know what the point is.

Neela is assigned a new surgical medical student, Katey, who is cheerful and views a lot of situations through a sexual lens. The character previously known as Rosenfeld is now Crenshaw, and he continues his obnoxious ways. Katey makes an observation about Crenshaw that Neela enjoys, especially after, it seems, impressing him with … assisting Pratt through a tracheotomy in the ER. As Neela and Katie depart the ER, and Katey’s observations about Crenshaw that give Neela some encouragement, Ray delivers some mail that has come to her old apartment. One of the letters is a check – a death benefit – from the Army for Gallant’s death, and Neela’s great day comes to an end.

Ray delivers the mail to Neela and there is an awkward moment between them. But in the delivery, he also meets Katey who, after Ray leaves, notes to Neela how cute Ray is.

Later, in a coming episode, Katey has a minor burn of some sort and Ray takes care of her and she suggests they go to a newly remodeled bar that evening.

Sam is at work but is seems the school called her to say that Alex had ditched school. At some point, Sam reaches Alex on the phone and tells him he has ten minutes to get back to the school. Later, she meets up with Luka who asks if she found Alex. Sam tells Luka that Alex had skipped school to go to the mall with a friend. Luka jokes that such behavior is something he has to look forward to.

In an episode-long arc, Morris attends a soccer game where his biological son, Max, is playing. He’s cheering Max wildly, and Max reciprocates the friendship. However, Max’s mother interprets Morris’ actions as those of a sexual predator, and another man at the game, the father of an opponent, helps Max’s mother challenge Morris. An altercation finds the man stumbling over an ice chest and hitting his head on the bleachers, and a friend of Max’s mother having a sprained wrist after slugging Morris. Max finally owns up to the situation after the police are called and show up at the ER.

Abby first attends a class for parenting but discovers that the room is full of mothers who dress their babies in designer clothes, some of which actually match those of their mothers. The instructor challenges Abby with the type of carrier she is using, saying that the baby may suffer hip and spinal injury. The other mothers are quite rude and Abby challenges them for their behavior now, noting that as an ER doctor, she’ll have to take care of their children’s overdoses and pregnancies when the babies are 14. Later, Abby interviews potential nanny’s and is not impressed with the “ethics” of the current candidates.

Luka attends to several of the emergencies in the earlier part of the episode, including the grandson injured in the chainsaw accident. The boy is quite serious but Luka assures the grandfather that the boy is a fighter, and it appears the boy does pull through. Later, after being assured by Pratt that things are under control, Luka seems to leave in order to give Abby a break with the baby chores.

In a later episode, Abby is back to work, seemingly the overnight shift. She leaves a message for Luka, telling him she works until 7am and to give her a call. The others are also are waiting word from Luka who is attending his trial for malpractice. During the summation from Luka’s lawyer, the plaintiff has his children escorted into the courtroom. In this future episode, Chaz, Pratt’s half brother, comes to the ER to meet Pratt.

Back in this episode, Jane is back and Pratt has bad feelings about it. No sign of Kerry.


08/23 - Episode 13.0?– Parenthood: To Gates displeasure, Pratt orders him to finish treating his current patients instead of assisting on patient with chainsaw injuries. Crenshaw orders Katey, a new medical student, to shadow Neela. Abby is enjoying time at the park with baby Joe. Morris attends a kids soccer game where Max, one of his kids plays. A father attending the game doesn't like Morris at all and thinks he is a bad example for kids. We meet Adelle and Brinn, Max’s mothers, who doesn't know who Morris is. Angriness and a fight ensue when the women think Morris is getting too close to Max... The other father, along with the two moms, and Morris, are sent to the ER. The cops drop by to investigate on him being a possible child molester. Will Morris admit that he is Max's father? Ray finds Neela in the hospital to give her mail for her he still is receiving at the apartment. Haleh, Sam, Solomon, Kovac, and Marquez, also appear.


ER --(10:01PM-11:00PM) --(TV-14)

. "Parenthood"
FAMILY TIME--Gates (John Stamos) constantly finds himself stuck in the middle of his complicated living situation. After trying to juggle work and their new baby, Abby (Maura Tierney) and Kovac (Goran Visnjic) contemplate hiring help. Dr. Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) finds it difficult keeping all the interns and residents on track now that he is the new attending. Meanwhile, Neela is disappointed when Dr. Crenshaw (guest star J.P. Manoux) assigns her menial tasks instead of the surgery she was hoping to perform. Linda Cardellini, Shane West, and Scott Grimes also star.

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