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Spoilers: 13.03 "Somebody to Love" & General spoilers

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General Season 13 spoilers:
We have some new recurring roles for season 13. Work dates for ep 3 are 8/7-8/16, so we'll get more detailed spoilers then:

Dubenko gets a "lapdog", an offbeat surgical chief resident named Schiff, who's very smart, devious, and a "nasty prick". He appears in 5-7 episodes starting in ep 3.

Pratt gets a love interest, a 40ish woman named Angela who's the acting chief of staff until a permanent replacement for Weaver is found. She appears in 5-6 episodes, starting in ep 3.

Gates' father is a rough ex-military man and a drunk who's on the losing end of a barroom brawl when we first meet him in episode 5. He'll be around for 3 episodes.

AND...(snip)....Abby's father. (snip)...

His name is Jim, he's in his early 60's, and is rugged and cowboyishly handsome. He claims to be visiting a sick friend in the hospital, but is ill himself. Abby's drawn to him and tries to help him with his illness that he's neglecting (unspecified). She gets drunk with him one night and he tells her that he's her father. It's for an unspecified number of episodes, so I'm guessing it will be the bulk of the season, like Maggie in season 7.


General Season 13 spoilers: Sometime this season, Abby will meet a rugged and cowboyish sixty-year-old named Jim who claims to be visiting a friend at the hospital. Abby befriends Jim and tries to help him cope with his own illness. But Jim has a secret that could shake Abby's world... will he have the courage to reveal it?


07/09 - Episode 13.03: New recurring characters start making their appearances in this episode. Schiff, an offbeat surgical chief resident who works for Dubenko, will be in at least five episodes. Angela, an attractive and efficient African American who will be the director of Medical Staff Affairs and Acting Chief of Staff until a new permanent staff member is found. She is a potential love interest of Doctor Pratt. Angela will be in at least five episodes.

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Hannah's your typical teenager. She hates her house, she hates the way her mother wants her to dress up for school, she doesn't want to follow the media model of beauty and she has a crush on a boy who doesn't know she exists.
Don't worry, honey, it will pass, and soon you'll be older! Too soon.

Gates: 'Most guys want the things they can't have. You ignore him, he'll come to you'.
I know a certain doctor who ignored him, don't you, kids?

Hannah is sharp and fun. Gates really loves her. They have a great father/daughter kind of relationship. No, sorry, they have a great Uncle Jess/surrogate daughter kind of relationship.

What else? Gates studies hard for Med School and he 'lives' with Meg and Hannah.


Gates impress Neela.

Baby lives.

Isn't that great, kids?

Luka is being sued by malpractice. Not sure exactyly what went wrong, but his patient had pneumonia and ended up with a stroke. I'm sure those who knows more about Medicine than me will explain the complicated details for you.

Me thinks the new Chief of Staff Angela Lincoln is cool.

She enters the ER asking for Luka, Pratt thinks she is just another sexy gal and... he puts his foot in his mouth.

Angela tells Luka that they are going to have a seminar on managing assaultive behavior. Luka thinks it's good because people are still shaken by that. He means that bad Steve and his pals!

Ah, and new bossy boss is supportive of Luka wrt lawsuit.

Dustin Rosenfeld's the new OR Chief Resident.

He's mean! He's evil! He is rude to Neela! He snaps his fingers when he calls people!

Luka has 'baby duty'.

Awww, cute!

Me loves babies.

Gates catches something Ray missed. He supports Neela when he sees Rosenfeld being mean to her.

There's a bond. 'Nuff said.

Rosenfeld is very mean.

Yes, there are a few new people. Two others residents upstairs, Connely (a girl) and Maser (a boy).

Also, there's someone new in ER, I can't tell you if it's a new nurse or a Med student, name's June.

Kerry's working with Ray.

Sam's around.

Looks like Luka's still the boss downstairs.

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It is a daughter named Hannah, having the usual preteen fights with her mother, Meg, over school clothes and such and looking to Gates for support. He gives her advice about boys at school and the like. It's sounds a lot like PG-13 rated 'Uncle Jesse' stuff, so Stamos should rock it. It appears that Gates lives in the same place or maybe just the same apartment building as Meg and Hannah.

Angela: refers to herself as director of medical affairs. She meets Pratt and is unimpressed with him. She and Luka are working on a seminar on handling 'assaultive behaviour' in response to the finale's events. Luka refers to himself as having 'Baby Duty' and needing to leave, so it appears the kiddo is still around. Not sure what eppy this is, though Neela is just meeting her fellow surgical interns for the first time, so it's timewise very close to the first couple of eppies.

It looks like the surgical chief resident has been renamed and is now Rosenfeld. He is a jerk.He has unit clerks fetching beverages for him while he berates them. In the real world, he would be wearing the ginger ale. He is equally nasty to the interns. Dubenko is present for part of it and doesn't seem terribly upset by it which I think seems a little out of charcter.

Neela is warmly greeted by Haleh and Chuny on returning to the ER as a surgeon and she and Gates commiserate a little about being interns as Ray is piling the work on Gates.

Curtis Ames (Braugher's character, I think) is suing the hospital. He was admitted with pneumonia and kept in the ER for several days due to a bed shortage and had a stroke in that time (AB played a stroke victim on 'Homicide' and was fabulous, BTW, so TPTB are stealing it from there), about 2 years ago. Luka thought the suit had no merit and would be dismissed, but it is going to court.He is not happy about that as he is named in it.

BTW, there's someone named 'Timmy' who gives Angela a phone message. Wonder if it's the original Timmy from back in Season One?

Looks like Gates and Pratt will handle the drag queen's partner.

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Director: Stephen Cragg
Workdates: 8/7-8/16
There's another recurring guest star, and a Mary Sue at that. Her name is Hope Bobeck, and she's an ER intern who's "adorable, innocent, sincere, lovely" and very religious on top of all that. Most of the guys in the ER have crushes on her. [No age/look specified, but I bet she's a twentysomething blonde. ] Unspecified number of episodes.

In smaller roles, there's also a recurring male ER intern who's quirky looking (in an way they haven't yet decided) and a little off-kilter. There are also a couple of possible recurring surgical residents, both colorless and dull. There's the standard number of random crazies as patients, most with no more than a few lines.

Main plot: There's a dying African-American guy around 70 or so who is torn between being loyal to his long-term gay partner (John Mahoney) and the long-estranged family who didn't know until now about his sexual orientation.

John Mahoney's character's name is Bennett Cray, for anyone who's wondered.

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the song used in the episode is going to be Tony Bennett singing, Youre Nobody Till Somebody Loves You. The basic lyrics are:

You're a nobody till somebody loves you
You're nobody till somebody cares
You may be a king, you may possess the whole world and its gold
But gold won't bring you happiness when you're gettin' old
The world still is the same, you'll never change it
As sure as the stars shine above
You're nobody, nobody till somebody loves you So find yourself somebody to love.

The story thought the episode is about Bennett Cray, a man in his mid-sixties, who runs a club with and loves Jim Anderson. Jim has a bad heart, and after being rushed to the hospital, if found to be in kidney failure. Jim thinks he may want to end it all, but Bennet wants him to keep fighting. Jim agrees but asks for his estranged family to come: his sister, brother and nephew.

As the family arrives, and as he is about to get dialysis, Jim goes into heart failure because Gates, the intern, failed to read about Jims current meds. But Gates has noticed the tender love between the two men. The nephew is conflicted as the family debates and decides, over Bennetts objections, to let Jim die. Gates steps forward and orders a medication that will save Jims life (which gets Gates in trouble with Pratt). Jim survives and in the final montage, as Tony Bennett sings, Youre nobody until somebody cares the nephew comes in and places a baseball card in Jims hand.

There is no Luka-Abby interaction during the main body of the episode, until the end. Somewhere in, perhaps, the third act, Abby has taken baby Joe out for a stroll and is sitting near the river. She wanted Neela to come alone, but Neela and Morris show up together and they both coo over the baby. Morris notes that the baby looks like Luka and Abby says that babies look like the father at first to keep the father from getting insecure, and clubbing you both to death, or something like that.

Otherwise, we have the earlier spoilers of Luka meeting Angela, and Lukas need to leave to tend to baby duty. This is where, as spoiled earlier, Luka learns that there is a pending law suit by a patient. Meanwhile, Luka is busy handling the ER with new interns and some electrical problems discovered during the repairs of the place after the shooting.

Abby and Luka are in bed near the end of the episode, exhausted and talking quietly but we dont know what their conversation is about. But in the final montage, we see them in bed, with the baby sleeping between them, while they are awake, and Tony Bennett sings, You may be king, you may possess the world and its gold.

It seems as if Neela is on her first day of her surgical internship. The chief resident of the OR is Rosenfeld, who seems to have a borderline personality. He is abrasive, to say the least, and assigns Neela to a stenographer role in assessing a patient. In the midst of her distress, she notices that Gates, now an intern, is also being put-upon by Ray in the ER. Among other things, Ray seems to be on medi-flight duty and is waiting to be called to the roof.

Neela and Gates have an awkward conversation. She offers help in his new role as an intern and then both admit things are difficult for them both, but agree to have coffee ... sometime. Just then, the electrical problems stop the lights from flickering and they come on finally and both Neela and Gates abruptly bolt from the conversation. And as the closing montage unfolds, Neela lays on her couch with a beer and a photo of Gallant, with the lyrics, But gold wont bring you happiness

Sam, while still a good nurse, seems to be struggling some in the aftermath of the shooting (and her distress might be that she feels responsible that Steve came into the ER, but clearly there is more). Luka consoles her, noting that without her actions, he would be dead. Sam says that she has Alex in counseling but hes bottling up his feelings. Luka offers to help with Alex but Sam declines, noting he has enough going on right now. As they part, Luka assures her that it was all self defense, but Sam only tries to agree with his assessment. In the final montage, Sam curls around a sleeping Alex, crying, as Tony sings, when you are growing old.

Kerry is back, as an attending. She and Pratt talk about the awkwardness as a result of Kerry being an equal an attending in the ER. She finds that some of the procedures have changed since she was Chief and some of the staff wish she still was Chief.

There is another new intern besides Gates Hope. She seems bright but is excitable, and seems distracted with her faith. Unfortunately, it seems she is also quite pretty and the male staff all seem to notice, to Kerrys distress. But as a patient crashes, all Hope seems to be able to do is recite the 23rd Psalm. Morris, however, puts a move on her, and she in turn invites him to Bible class, and he agrees.

Timmy Rowland is back, and seems to be filling in at the desk.

And then Morris, as he is driving into work in his new car, sings this song, the theme song from Greatest American Hero:

Look at whats happened to me,
I cant believe it myself.
Suddenly Im up on top of the world,
It shouldve been somebody else.

Believe it or not, Im walking on air.
I never thought I could feel so free.
Flying away on a wing and a prayer.
Who could it be?
Believe it or not its just me.

Its like a light of a new day,
It came from out of the blue.
Breaking me out of the spell I was in,
Making all of my wishes come true.

Believe it or not, Im walking on air.
I never thought I could feel so free.
Flying away on a wing and a prayer.
Who could it be? Believe it or not its just me.

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Baby's doing well.

He's starting to hold his head up.

This is good, isn't? This Daisy loves babies, but has no clue about them!

Sam wants to talk to Luka about the shooting.

The hadn't talk about it yet.

Luka says it was not her fault, and if it wasn't for her, he would be dead.

Alex's seeing a shrink, but won't talk with her.

Luka offers to talk to Alex, Sam declines, says Luka has enough problems on his own.

Sam tells Luka she's fine.

Luka tells her to not blame herself. What she had to do was self-defense.

Morris and his convertible!

He's the greatest American hero!

The new interns are Hope, Solomon and Gates.

Luka, Pratt and Ray show them around.

Hope prays for the patients and bonds with them. That means she learns everything that there's to learn about their sad lives!

Who was the sweetheart here who called that Kerry Weaver would go back to ER as an attending? She was right!

Kerry's happy being back to ER, says it's the first time in a long time she's back to doctoring and only doctoring.

But Kerry Weaver's still our beloved ER bitch! Pratt tells the new folks she's very experienced and she asks if he's calling her a fossil. Yay!

Yes, Kerry's back to ER, but she's a bit out of the game, some rules changed.

Haleh says she liked it better when Weaver was on charge.

Yes, Hope's very religious. I would say Christian, but this Daisy is Jewish and knows nothing about the Christian brands.

Abby's strolling him along the river and Neela meets her.

Abby's not happy Morris came along.

Morris' 'offended', say it's Aunt Archie. Awww.

Neela thinks the baby's cute.

Morris thinks baby looks like Luka.

Pratt and Gates hate each other guts.

It's serious kids!

They are going to kill each ohter.

Or they will make up!

Ray thinks Hope's hot. Kerry's disgusted because he's... a dog.

Our Morris' brave, though.

He wants to go on a date with Hope.

She asks if he has accepted Jesus as his savior. He says he thought about it, but he's lying, kids!

Hope sets their date... during her bible group.

Bennet's a crossdresser and he and James Anderson have been together for 15 years.

Oh, kids, we all know what happens next.

Anderson's family never knew he was gay. Now, that he's dying, Bennet can not make the decisions about his partner's health care.

The family calls Anderson a degenerate.

Bennet's desperate.

Anderson'ss dying.

It's Neela's first day upstairs.

Rosenfeld's evil!


Neela has a difficult day, but Gates supports her.

Gates screws up with Anderson, Pratt's though on him.

At the end of the day, Neela and Gates bond and talk about getting a coffee sometime. Then, all the lights went off for a second.

Neela's still living at Abby's old apartment. At night, she watches TV, drinks a beer and watches a photo of Gallant.

Poor Neela!!!

Sam's still living at Elliot's house.

She cries at night, while Alex sleeps.

Poor Sam!!!!

Abby and Luka are still living at his apartment. At night, they watch baby Joe sleep between them.

Gates, Pratt and Sam take care of the Bennet/Anderson case.

Gates lies to help Bennet, but he's still has a lot ot learn.

Pratt and Gates hate each other's guts!

Angela appears first in this episode.

An old delusional lady thinks Chuny is JLo! No!

When Morris tells Abby the baby looks like Luka, she replies that people say babies usually look more like the father at first, and it's Nature's way so they are not insecure and kill their parents.

Me thinks Abby's just jealous baby looks like daddy.

Don't you think the world needs more babies looking like Luka? I do!!!

Doc Sharon http://p086.ezboard.com/baeb

There is a lovely scene between Luka and Sam where they discuss how the baby is doing, Sam apologizes and tries to accept responsibility for what happened, Luka thanks her for saving his life, there is talk of how both Alex and Sam are doing, Sam is concerned about how much Luka 'has on his plate' these days.

There is a scene with Abby and Luka talking in bed with the baby in the crib...

The new intern Hope is somewhat inappropriate with both patients and her coworkers about religious issues. She wants to know if Morris has accepted Jesus as his saviour. She is sure a patient's illness stems from the fact that she hasn't found a new church since moving. And lots of 'Bless you's' and 'Praise the Lord' type comments.

As I thought it might be, it appears that Timmy, the desk clerk from the first season (AA guy with dreads) is back. Weaver is happy to see him and so am I.

It is a montage, Bennett, the drag queen is singing 'You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You' at the nightclub after his partner's family has refused to acknowledge him and denied him a say in his partner's care. We see his partner in the ICU, his family by his side. We see Sam lying in Alex' bed while he sleeps, she is crying. Neela is on the couch at Abby's place, drinking a beer, looking at Gallant's photo and sobbing. Luka and Abby are lying in bed, awake, the baby sleeping between them.


07/29 - General spoilers: It seems Gates may be involved with a mother, Meg, and her young daughter, Hannah. The latter is not happy to have to wear the clothes her mother buys her and nor is she ecstatic about living in Gates' apartment. When Gates drives her to school, Hannah starts changing in clothes she brought in her backpack, clothes that fit her style. He starts discussing with Hannah about the clothing problem and what is really behind all this. Gates clearly loves the kid and cares for her well-being.


From maalexa: Any scoop on the new season of ER? Is John Stamos' character going to be with Neela, or is he going to be with Ray?

Check out the video clip in my column! All is revealed. Also on ER, I'm hearing rumblings about a couple new interns and a new surgical resident. I'm told one of the interns, Hope Bobeck, is naive, sweet, very religious, and all the guys are gonna fall for her.


Question: Now that Neela's husband has been killed, will Neela and Ray get together on ER? Ruthie.

Ausiello: Not if John Stamos has anything to say about it. In a related scoopbit, I hear one of Deadwood's most notable whores will be joining the cast as a lady friend of Stamos' medic. Any guesses?


ER --(10:01PM-11:00PM) --(TV-14)
"Somebody To Love"
( "FRASIER" ) GUEST STARS- Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) assumes his new role as attending but gets stuck with the task of dealing with all the new interns. When an older man is brought in to the ER with congestive heart failure, Pratt assigns Gates (John Stamos) to assess his condition. Later, the man's partner Bennett Cray (guest star John Mahoney) comes to visit and must fight with his partner's family to help keep him alive. Meanwhile, Neela (Parminder Nagra) meets the new surgical chief (guest star J.P. Manoux) and quickly finds out that he plans to make her life a living hell. Laura Innes, Goran Visnjic, Maura Tierney, Linda Cardellini, Shane West and Scott Grimes also star.