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Spoilers: эпизод 13.02 - "Graduation Day"

В эфире: 28 сентября 2006 года.

Stormwatcher77 http://p089.ezboard.com/btheerexchange

Graduation Day: perhaps 5% of the spoilers, in draft form.

Weaver instructs Pratt on the attending role, noting that he has to figure out how to educate the residents without making the feel like crap. Later, Pratt gives instructions to some EMT’s, saying they cannot put in an "EJ" to an overdose patient. At the emergency site, Gates tells the other EMTs that he has permission from the ER to do the procedure. The other EMTs are surprised he got permission.

Meanwhile, it’s been a week and baby Joe is still intubated. Maggie is visiting, knitting while she sits next to the baby. The baby may have a heart murmur. Later, Luka stops in between patients in the ER; Maggie has been reading the baby stories; Abby is pacing. Much later, Abby and Luka talk. I think he must have talked marriage, but Abby must have declined, saying she doesn’t want to mess things up because they are really working; Luka says he’ll take love, and save marriage for later. Back in the NICU, however, after having the tube taken out, the baby takes a turn for the worse, and Maggie must demand that the NICU resident be called to the case. As Abby and Luka come into the NICU, Maggie tells them the tube is being put back in.

dubenko junkie http://p086.ezboard.com/baeb

Well sides are out for Graduation Day and Abby did indeed have a hysterectomy after the c-section. TPTB are going for maximum angst all the way around on this one.

In short, Abby is scared the baby is going to die, she tells Luka she wants them to live together and be a family but doesn't need a white dress and a ring to say I love you. Maggie is working her last nerve, Luka wants the chaplain to baptise Joe now. The line "the boy" was changed to "my boy" and they have a scene where Albright and Anspaugh are operating on the baby while Abby watches from the obs deck.

Looks like the head honchos at the hospital want someone's head to roll for the Clemente fiasco. They've chosen Kovac to be canned. Kerry is unhappy with this.

Morris asks Kerry for his job back, Gates is an intern and EMT, Neela gets drunk at Ike's. Sam shoots Steve apparently in self defense, Elliot brings Sam to the ER and she tells Kerry she needs a rape exam...it's angst for everyone.

I suppose we can move it to a new thread but yes some of the 13.1 and 13.2 two stuff is overlapping, mixed together.

And it's not Dubenko operating on the infant, it's Albright and I too think it's odd that a trauma surgeon is operating on an infant, there are surgeons who specialize in various types of surgeries, trauma surgeons aren't the ones who would be performing these procedures. But then, when has ER ever been overly accurate where this is concerned?

I don't want to add my own theories to the sides, but the way the Sam stuff is written it seems that there is more than initially meets the eye. Elliot (Armand Assante) is somewhat doing the exposition for us with saying Sam shot Steve in self defense, I don't think this is how things really went down.

As for the Clemente situation, it seems there are lawsuits against the hospital, questions of Luka's ability as cheif for keeping Clemente on after the trouble and issues he had with Jodie, the police etc. They want someone to be held accountable. Kerry states that she hired Clemente. Anspaugh intimates that Kerry should be quiet and let Kovac take the fall.

ima63 http://p086.ezboard.com/baeb

Couple of things:
Raab has given Abby and Luka a bit of a tongue lashing, saying they need to step back and let the NICU staff do there stuff.

There's a lovely bit when Luka talks quietly to the baby in Croatian, saying "it doesn't matter why you came early, we're glad you're here, Joe."

Maggie insists on sitting in with Abby during a lactation seminar, Abby wants Maggie to give her some privacy. As Maggie moves into the hallway she sees Luka. He tells her that Abby is afraid, that it's been a hard couple of days and to give her daughter some time.

Anspaugh and the legal/admin guys note that Luka was running the floor the day of Clemente's meltdown, when Jodie was brought in, when Clemente signed off on a patient whose family are now suing. Weaver is horrified that Luka isn't being given a chance to defend himself - they are composing his dismissal press release right there.

Later on, Weaver tries to tell Anspaugh that she was the one who hired Clemente, but Anspaugh retorts that Weaver warned Kovac to fire him, but Luka ignored the request. He then says to Kerry that someone has got to take the fall for this.

Anspaugh is operating on Joe (bit ironic that, as he's just fired the kid's dad - I assume Luka knows nothing of this), with Albright and Ari, the anesthesiologist.

I'm unclear on the Sam/Elliot stuff too - at first I thought Elliot must be a cop, forgot about old rich guy. He tells Sam that only him and her know and that all she has to do is fill out a rape report and tell the cops she shot him in self defense. I wonder if it was Elliot who came to Sam's aid - and that he shot Steve?

We hear that Jerry is "pulling through".

Stormwatcher77 http://p089.ezboard.com/btheerexchange

During this episode, Maggie arrives and Abby is frustrated at Maggie’s attempts to be helpful. Luka counsels Maggie to give Abby some time. Abby has had a c-section and a hysterectomy. Luka must offer marriage to Abby, who decides that since Neela is living at her apartment, and Abby is always at Luka’s, they should move in together. Abby says that she is sure about her ambivalence … towards marriage it seems… and is happy to say she loves him, and Luka agrees that he’ll settle for love. Later, Maggie sees that the baby is in distress and calls the doctors. The baby must be re-intubated. Despite Abby’s insistence that the baby will live, Luka is not as confident and has the baby baptized while in surgery. Abby agonizes from the observation deck.

Meanwhile, Kerry has to decide whether or not to let the administrators of the hospital fire Luka for the Clemente mess. Seems not only did Clemente melt down in the ER, but a family is suing the hospital for Clemente’s actions as an attending. The big-wigs, including Anspaugh, want someone to take the fall.

Gates sees Neela the day after the shooting and congratulates her on staying out of the line of fire. Her cold shoulder dismays Gates until Pratt tells him about Gallant’s death. Meanwhile, Gates is a hot-shot EMT, ignoring Pratt’s instructions. Some days later, Gates finds Neela very drunk at a bar with two guys wanting to “help” her home. He decks one of them and gets her home. He turns down her flirtations. Later, on the first day of intern orientation, Gates shows up, and Neela apologizes for her behavior. Pratt begins orientation and Gates is part of it.

Somehow, Sam seeks Elliot’s advice about something and confesses her actions. He tells her that she will get a rape exam and tell the police she shot in self defense. Later, Kerry gives her the rape exam and indicates Abby’s baby is a boy, and that Jerry will pull through.

Morris begs Kerry to hire him as an attending. Later we see Morris giving a sales presentation to ICU attendings that is not well received. Pratt calls Morris out of the meeting to tell him something.

Doc Sharon http://p086.ezboard.com/baeb

Lots of new stuff available:
The muffin scene where Abby is irritated with Maggie occurs a week after Joe's birth. The baby is doing very poorly, multiple lines and tubes, on a vent, under bili lights and wearing eye shades to protect him.

The baby does indeed have NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) **and needs an emergency bowel resection which occurs sometime after the preceding scene. Anspaugh (yay!) and Albright are doing the procedure and the baby is doing very poorly. The chaplain is actually baptizing him as this happens in the OR (have no idea why they waited this long). Abby and Luka are watching the surgery, Abby's on the observation deck, not sure about Luka. Luka is praying aloud in Croatian (and will be so hot our TV screens will melt, no doubt).

Neela and Gates go back to Abby's apartment (looks like Neela is staying there). Neela has been drinking a lot, there are beer cans all over the place, she wants another and Gates tells her she doesn't need it. Seems that Gates punched somebody apparently in her defense while they were out.

** We don't actually hear it in the script, but, the physical findings we get when Maggie sees him as well as the surgery he is having, make me 99% sure. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Elliot is telling Sam that all she needs to do is fill out a rape report and say she shot him in self defense and she'll be OK. I hope it is Steve they are discussing. Sam is worried the police won't believe her but Eliot reassures her that it is the truth and so he knows the cops will believe it.

Gates and his partner bring in a guy who is wearing a tinfoil hat to get better reception while climbing the Tribune Tower, he fell. I kid you not. Weaver and Pratt are taking care of him. Gates sees Neela, calls her Mayday and gets a chilly response, Pratt and Weaver tell him what happened to Gallant and he is shocked and saddened about it.

At this point, Sam enters and Weaver hugs her, she tells Weaver she needs a rape exam. Elliot is with her.

Maggie appears to be keeping a notebook to keep track of what is going on with the baby. Abby is, of course, seemingly not happy about it. There's a scene where a resident is trying to insert a PICC line into the kid with Raab supervising and Maggie standing there asking questions with Abby whispering critique of his technique to Luka as it is being done. No pressure there, God help the poor resident.

Neela is meeting the new interns for orientation and who should turn up but Gates! This appears to be the next day after he took her home, she is embarrassed, he is glad he was there and was able to get her home safely.

Morris appears to be pitching a fancy new drug to the ICU staff and it is not going well. Looks like Pratt tries to rescue him but Morris doesn't seem to get what is happening.

Abby is angry at Maggie because somehow Raab gave Abby a 'lashing' and now she feels like an embarrassed teen. Maybe Raab overheard her yell at Maggie about something, I don't know.

Maggie and Abby go to a lactation seminar, while Luka stands at the crib and speaks to the baby in Croatian. He does call him 'Joe' and tells him that it doesn't matter that he came early, he is so glad he is there.

As Weaver is doing the rape kit, Sam asks about everyone and Weaver fills her in on the sex of the baby and Jerry's status.

Abby has indeed had a hysterectomy and is impatient with the lactation consultant and Maggie as they try to help her use the breast pump, she wants them to leave her alone and let her do it by herself. Maggie assures Abby that she has used a pump and could help, but Abby tells her she has never had a cesarian, a hysterectomy and a preemie and she cannot help and tells her to leave. Maggie tries to say something but Abby cuts her off.

Outside, Maggie talks to Luka about her frustration and how much she wants to help. He makes excuses for Abby, she is afraid, things have been tough the past couple days, etc..... Maggie says Abby can't afford to be afraid right now and her behaviour is exactly what she always does when Maggie is around; she is annoyed by every single thing Maggie says or does. She tells Luka that Abby should be upset the day that Maggie doesn't care enough about her to come and try to help. At least other NICU moms seem to appreciate Maggie as she talks to them about their children.

The hospital attorneys want Luka fired and cite multiple occasions when Luka was on duty and something happened and claim he didn't properly manage the situation including the day Jodie was brought in with the gunshot, as well as the day Clemente had the meltdown and the day some diabetic patient was mismanaged and is now suing. However, we already know that Luka did indeed 'manage' the situation after the shooting; he refused to allow Clemente to work and he insisted on getting him into the impaired physicians' program. This should have gone through some sort of medical staff committee for approval, too, so it wouldn't be just Luka deciding what to do about it. The whole thing is quite contrived as written. We've certainly never seen a situation where one attending was held responsible for another attending's mistake; I sure don't recall anyone but Luka being called out when the kid with leukemia crashed in Hindsight. As far as the diabetic, it seems like one of the residents must have screwed that up and Clemente signed off on it without thoroughly checking; no signs that Luka was supposed to be signing off on Clemente. It does sound like they want him fired altogether and not just to step down as ER Chief.

After the debacle with the ICU docs, Morris wants his job back.

Abby also seems to have been stricken with amnesia since she accuses Luka of wanting the baby baptized only because he thinks the baby is going to die, Luka doesn't deny it. Maggie tries to get her to ease up, Luka asks the nurse to get the chaplain anyway. BTW, based on the prayers he is saying, I don't think the chaplain is a Catholic priest, which means Joe could be baptized again in a Catholic church at some point.

As for Gates and Neela; she is in Ike's and quite drunk when two horny guys offer to give her a ride home. Gates and Zadro are getting some takeout and Gates sees the guys with a very drunk Neela and rescues her, punching one of the guys out in the process. Zadro has to tell him to take it easy and back off.

Ausiello http://www.tvguide.com

Question: I'm so excited! John Stamos is returning to ER next season as a series regular! — Kelli

Ausiello: Now are you ready for the bad news?! There are rumblings that a (SPOILER ALERT) major character will be leaving early next season to make room in the budget for Stamos' sizable paycheck. The leading candidates are Kovac or Weaver, one of whom may end up taking the fall for hiring Clemente. But at this point, that's pure speculation. The only thing I'm (90 percent) sure of is that John Leguizamo is history. (And no, his is not the big death I've been referring to.)

Question: I loooove the Ray-Neela pairing on ER. Will they finally become a couple? — Sally

Ausiello: Tough to answer without giving away a major upcoming twist. Check back with me next month.

Ausiello http://www.tvguide.com

Was Gallant's death on ER the one you referred to a few months ago? Or should we expect another one? — Laura Field

Ausiello: Yes, that was the one, but there will be another one next fall.


05/29 - Episode 13.02 - Graduation Day: Abby and Luka's child has to undergo surgery. Abby attends a class on breast-feeding. Maggie (Sally Field), Abby's mother, visits her daughter and, as expected, they clash. Two guys flirt with Neela, who decided to go out for the evening. When things get a bit out of hand for Neela, Gates (John Stamos, who will now be a regular), who is at the scene, rescues her. A man who covered his body in tinfoil to get better reception from the voices he is hearing comes to the ER. The ER is once again being remodeled. Sam still works for Richard Elliot. Morris, who now works for a pharmaceutical company, tries to sell new medicine to an ICU attending. Will he be able to be a good salesman or will he have to try to get his old job back? Weaver, Pratt, Frank, Zadro (a paramedic), and Marquez also appear.

Kirstin/Wanda http://www.eonline.com

From Grace: Anything on ER?

Yes! The ER is getting a new desk clerk...and she has cerebral palsy.

From Bob: More ER. What's going to happen with Abby's baby?

I hear everything's going to be okay.

Daisy http://p072.ezboard.com/baeb

Abby and Luka disagree about Joe's treatment.

Luka thinks they should consider a new medicine for the poor baby, Abby disagrees.

Abby wants Maggie to support her opinion.

Maggies thinks Luka's right and they should consider the new treatment.

Abby's pissed, tells Maggies to shut up and go home, she never asked Maggie to come and get involved.

Later, Abby and Luka are fine and relaxed.

Elliot hired a high-priced lawyer to help Sam.

ADA Evers questions Sam, she said the gun was ten inches far from Steve, but autopsy says at least five feet away.

Sam says she isn't sure how far she was.

The laywer says it was self defense.

ADA want to go for manslaughter.

Elliot tells the ADA he has a great career ahead of him, and doesn't think Evers' boss would want him wasting time with a guy who shot up a hospital and raped a woman.

ADA thinks he's Jack McCoy and tells Elliot to call his boss.

Elliot says he already did, he and the DA are friends, they are having dinner later.

ADA still thinks he's Jack McCoy, a man was murdered and it's his job to prosecute the law!

Elliot says Steve deserved what he got.

Elliot giving Evers the chance to drop the case, or he will solve it at dinner with the DA.

Elliot is Tony Soprano!!!

Kristin/Wanda http://www.eonline.com

From Bosto: Anything on ER?!
ER is looking to get another Emmy nod for a great guest star. I'm hearing they're looking for a major celeb to play a male patient in his twenties who has multiple personality disorder. It sounds like an amazing role and very challenging.

From sandy: More ER.
Sam is in trouble. Major legal trouble. Richard Elliot will have her back, but she's still in deep doodoo.


ER --(10:01PM-11:00PM) --(TV-14)

. "Graduation Day"
. A MOTHERS LOVE-- JOHN STAMOS ("JAKE IN PROGRESS") JOINS THE CAST AND SALLY FIELD ("LEGALLY BLONDE 2: RED, WHITE & BLONDE") REPRISES HER EMMY AWARD-WINNING GUEST STAR ROLE-- Abby's (Maura Tierney) overbearing mother (guest star Sally Field) arrives at the hospital to comfort her and Dr. Kovac (Goran Visnjic) as their son's life hangs in the balance. Sam (Linda Cardellini) returns to Chicago but fears that police will arrest her despite her claims of self-defense. Paramedic Tony Gates (John Stamos) makes a risky decision with an overdosed teen. Later, Gates escorts a very drunk Neela (Parminder Nagra) home after drowning her sorrows at the local bar. Laura Innes, Mekhi Phifer, Shane West and Scott Grimes also star.


Graduation Day - ER
As Abby and Luka cope with their newborn baby's life-and-death struggle, the couple is shocked to receive a surprise visitor: Abby's mother, Maggie (Sally Field). Meanwhile, Sam fears the prospect of criminal charges. John Stamos joins the cast as paramedic Tony Gates.

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