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Spoilers: эпизод 13.01 - "Bloodline" a.k.a. Borderline

В эфире: 21 сентября 2006 года.

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Director: Stephen Cragg

Work dates: 3/21-3/30

...(Abby's baby) is born, and of course there is the requisite NICU drama for little Damien/Delia (or whatever the evil one is named).

We also have a elderly woman whose son was injured in the ER shooting...maybe Jerry's mom?

Her name's Fanny. She's 65-75, small, quite outspoken. She's a doting mom, "never liked her son working in that cesspool" (the ER). It's sweet how much she loves her son.

As far as NICU drama, there's a doctor and a nurse involved in the birth and care of little (baby) ...

Baby Joe/****** is born. Grandma Maggie is there. Luka pops up to NICU and asks "How's the boy?" Abby's a b***h. Baby's been on a vent for a week and doesn't look like he'll be coming off anytime soon. There are currently only 3 sides out, two of which have another title at the top along with 'writer's draft', so I figure the kid's born in 13.1 and the NICU stuff takes place in 13.2.

Gates returns.

I like Jerry's mom. He makes it through surgery. Morris is good with Jerry's mom. Not much else to report at present. Oh, and Steve and his gang still have Sam and Alex.

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Maggie. Is. Back.

And it's a boy, his name's Joe and a week after birth he' still intubated and struggling.

Poor Lubylet!

Ooooh, darlings, handsome Gates' back!

Ah, kids, Jerry's mom wanted him to be a lawyer and sent the aplication to Harvard herself. But he was rejected four times!

Fanny's not a nice old lady, kids. But she'is a nice old lady in her own way. She's Jewish and Morris wants to bond with her over it.

Oh, sorry, honey, yes, Jerry's very much alive. Fanny's his mother.

I think some of you guessed that the baby would be in trouble and Abby would bleed out.

Luka's there when the baby is born.

Abby's pissed Luka told Maggie to come, but he didn't. Luka just told Maggie what was happening because she's Abby's mother.

Maggie realizes there's something wrong with the baby in the NIUC and sort of saves the day. But this is so confusing and I'm just a poor Daisy, I will let the experts explain all the medical stuff to you all, sweethearts.

Ah, kiddo, don't you love Morris? I do! He's very nice to Fanny.

Kerry lectures Pratt.

He's going to be an attending in a few weeks.

She says better figure out how to educate his residents without making them feel like crap.

Watch out!

Old Kerry's back to her game.

I know some of you would like to know and I love you all so much!

Abby: 'This is really working. Let's not mess it up'.

Luka: 'I'll take the love, we'll save marriage for later'.

Yes, honey, Sam and Alex are still alive, and so is Steve.

It looks like Steve kills Rafe, but this Daisy could be wrong.

Handsome Gates is working with Zadro, treating somoene who overdosed and has been unresponsive for ten minutes.

He wants to put in an EJ, whatever it is! But Pratt's on the phone with him and says no, no, no.

Gates lies to Zadro and says ER gave him the ok to the EJ thing.

I smell trouble for the new member of the ER family...

Oh, sorry, darling, I forgot to tell it, yes, you are right Coburn delivers the baby.

Morris saved Jerry in ER.

Neela saved Jerry in OR.

Sam tells Alex she knows she messed up a lot of thing, but won't let anyone hurt him.

This Daisy could be wrong, but looks like both Rafe and Mary are history.

Alex is scared.

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Sides are out for "Bloodline", #1 and "Graduation Day", #2.

John Stamos is back in #2.

Abby delivers baby boy "Joe" with Luka by her side. Both mom and baby are definitely in jeopardy. Abby realizes, as she starts to fade that shes loosing a lot of blood, she's a bit withdrawn from Luka, only really worrying about her son.

The baby is intubated and taken to the NICU, where it seems he is going to stay for a long while.

Grandma Maggie shows up, frusterating her daghter quite a bit, but ends up "saving the day", when she notices something is wrong with her grandson. (she gets all "terms of endearment crazy" on one of the nurses to call Dr. Rabb, who is treating little Joe)

There is a love declaration, but we only have the very end of it. It seems that Luka brings up marriage, but Abby doesnt want them to get ahead of themselves, so he settles for "love".

-seems that Pratt will be an attending soon. -Fanny is Jerrys mom

-Nella is back in the OR with Dubenko

-more Sam/Alex stuff

Northern dancer1 http://p089.ezboard.com/btheerexchange

Dr. Raab tells Maggie that Abby was a brilliant student. Maggie says Abby never gives herself any credit. Dr Raab observes that the best ones never do. Luka and Abby seem strong and tight. How wonderful that Luka gets to see his baby born! (Speculating now) As per my hunch, this looks like a multi-episode story arc, and this baby looks to be a fighter, plus he has the entire ER rooting for him. Should make a powerful opening to the new season.

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Borderline: we probably only have about 10% of the spoilers.

Jerry is in surgery and it turns out the bullet nicked his heart. His mother, Fanny, comes and tells those who will listen more than anyone wanted to know. Morris is strangely interested in the fact that Fanny is Jewish. Jerry survives. Pratt tells Jerry that Morris got him through the ER, and that Neela got him through surgery. Pratt also tells Neela surgery was lucky to have her, but she says she misses the ER.

Rafe, Steve, and Mary are still on the run with hostages Sam and Alex. They are stopped by a local police officer, and, fearful they are being discovered because of a fade ID, Rafe guns the SUV motor and races away. Much later, in a rural area, next to a run down shack, Sam and Alex wait by the car, and then they hear gun shots. Steve comes from around the shack, knowing that Sam and Alex know what he has done. He offers them some chips.

The first we see of them, Abby has delivered the baby as Luka looks on. The baby is small, blue and floppy. While the team code the baby, intubating. Coburn is unhappy because Abby is not clotting properly. The baby pinks up with the intubation and the team moves the baby out. Coburn struggles to get the bleeding under control.

Cinefaythe http://p089.ezboard.com/btheerexchange

Jerry is in surgery because his heart was nicked by a bullet in 12.22. Despite Jerry being big and robust, to his tiny mother Fanny, Jerry is not very hardy and she worries that he “might wilt under all this.” She dotes over Jerry and is proud of him and blames the ER for his troubles and bad pay. She says Jerry could have been a lawyer and gone to Harvard—no matter, of course, that he was rejected four times. LOL. She sacrificed her water aerobics to be there during his surgery, but you get the impression she has sacrificed more than that over the years for him. One thing being Fanny apparently fills in for what she consider his meager ER salary. Jerry survives his surgery. Alex and Sam are still held captive by Steve and his cohorts. Sam is desperate to find a way out, and their scene at the metal yard is emotional to me. Poor Alex, who always came off as aloof at best with Sam, angry at worst, confesses his fear to his mother and clings to her. Sam rises to the occasion and tells him that while she has messed up before she will not let anything happen to him. The sides say her need to protect him is visceral, and I think Sam will act very selflessly when it comes to protecting Alex, and I wonder what that will mean for both of their survival. As if that weren't emotional enough . . . Abby delivers a son. Unlike tiny Fanny and her robust son Jerry, Abby gives birth to a “small, blue, floppy baby.” Coburn delivers, and I believe Abby has had a C-section, since they are in the obstetrical OR and Coburn is sewing up her uterus when her clotting complication happens. A song is playing as Abby bleeds out while the baby is coding, and I am curious what it is. It says Luka reaches for her hand, but she is "lost deep within herself," as she is losing blood and focused on her son just like the other mothers in the story. As with Sam and Alex, at this point Abby’s survival and the baby's is in question. I am so glad that Neela is doing well. However, I have to go back and examine the timing of all this, since last thing I remember about Neela was her returning to Gallant's gravesite. ETA: I mean because Neela is doing Jerry's surgery. Given what we know about Gallant, I am going to take his mother’s speech to Neela in Strange Bedfellows as foreshadowing for Neela’s next relationship or generally about pursuing challenges. Neela is attempting surgery, is excelling, and the ER staff is proud of her. “That’s our girl” Pratt says.

Neela is attempting surgery, is excelling, and the ER staff is proud of her. “That’s our girl” Pratt says.

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Season 13 premieres 15-20 minutes after the shooting, and it is 1:36PM. The police are setting up barricades and starting to interview witnesses, Kerry tells them that one of the nurses was taken hostage. That's it.


03/27 - Episode 12.23 – Bloodline (aka “Borderline”): [The following spoilers are directly linked to episode 12.22 and give answers to what happens in that episode. You have been warned. Highlight if you want to be that spoiled... Sam and Alex seem to be the hostages of Steve, Mary and Rafe, who are on the run since their breakout from prison (via the ER) in the previous episode. Morris treats Jerry, who was admitted after he was shot at during the breakout. Fanny, Jerry’s mother, is at the hospital and keeps complaining about her son’s career. Dubenko performs the operation on Jerry. With Kovac and Coburn by her side, Abby delivers her baby. Let’s say things don’t go smoothly once the baby is out. Neela and Pratt also appear.]

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Question: What is this I hear about Sally Field returning to ER in September? Tell me it's true. — Michael

Ausiello: It's true. She'll be back for at least one episode early next season, presumably to meet her new grandchild.

From luvmywenty: What about Ray and Neela? When Gallant dies will she run into Ray's arms? I hope so!

I'm guessing she'll run into the arms of my fake boyfriend John Stamos, and we'll have a fake hair-pulling girl fight over it. That's what I hear! Also, I made a prediction to my fake b-f: That Linda Cardellini (my college girl crush) and he (my current boy crush) will be an item before the end of next season. Anyone care to wager?

(Thanks MarcySue)
TV Guide:
Sally Field Returns to ER

The current season of ER hasn't even finished, and we've already got scoop about next fall. TV Guide has learned Sally Field will return to County General in September as Abby's mother, Maggie. "My darling daughter is having a baby," Field says. "I come out to be with her. And of course, chaos ensues."
That chaos is not related to the bipolar disease that plagued Maggie when Field previously played the Emmy-winning role. Instead, the story centers on a medical crisis with the baby, who might have to be delivered prematurely. "Maggie, who wasn't always a great mom, shows up when her daughter is most in need, when the baby's life is in jeopardy," says executive producer David Zabel. "It brings up a lot of issues." And possibly a warm story about maternal love -- if Maggie can steer clear of the mess that develops between Abby (Maura Tierney) and Luka Kovac (Goran Visnjic). But on that plot point we've promised to remain mum.

From jennile: Any scoop on ER?

I hear there's a hostage situation, and Sam and Alex are held hostage by some prisoners who broke out through the infirmary. (What is this, Prison Break?). Also, Abby delivers her wee babeh.

TV Guide:
ER: 10/9c, NBC. So Far: Weaver (Laura Innes) has a new hip, Pratt's (Mekhi Phifer) mettle was tested in Africa, Abby (Maura Tierney) and Luka (Goran Visnjic) are pregnant, Clemente (John Leguizamo) had a meltdown, and Neela (Parminder Nagra) got bad news from Iraq.

The Finale: Sam's (Linda Cardellini) no-good ex provokes "a Quentin Tarantino sequence as intense and violent as any ever in ER," says executive producer David Zabel.

Next Season: A familiar character is dead as a result of the shoot-out. John Stamos returns as the med student/paramedic with a crush on Neela. Sally Field comes back as Abby's manic-depressive mom, and Luka and Abby's relationship takes an important turn. Marry, already!

Фотографии www.renhanami.com
(Спасибо за информацию - Scabiosa)

Скрины NBC промо (CodySNLER)

Транскрипция промо NBC (by speddoc)
V/O small scenes from last year's shootout:
Last season, a shootout in the ER had us holding our breath...

Fade in, scene of Abby, bloody hand sliding down the glass, from Luka's POV
Until now...
Luka in a restroom, throws a silver trash can into the mirror

Graphic: STILL
San in car, holding dazed Alex close
Steve puts a clip in a gun
Kerry extubates Luka, who sits up quickly, choking
Graphic: STILL
Jerry on gurney, unconscious, Chuny (?) alongside
Morris and Neela in the gallery; Morris says "Come on Jerry!"

Graphic: INTENSE
Rafe grabs Sam by her hair near a rough tan wall, Sam yelps in pain
Graphic: STILL
Ray takes off stethoscope
Kerry approaches Abby lying on the floor

Luka in blue scrubs, holds Abby's hand between his, stroking it
Abby on the operating table, screen up at shoulder level Luka alongside gurney, cradles Abby's head on his arm. Abby says "I want to be awake."

Graphic: STILL
Pratt enters examination room, finds Frank sitting quietly
Luka, with hand over his eyes, as though he's crying (in NICU?)

Sam, hands on a high screen window in a large door, shaking it back and forth
Graphic: THE BEST
Sam holds a dazed Alex, shouts at Steve "You're going get your family killed!"

Steve bangs his hand on car dashboard Police car chasing
White car runs over a piece of farm equipment, goes airborn and flips
Sam pushes Alex, shouts "GO!"
Car lands on top of a parked pickup truck
Graphic: ER
NO Repeats
Thursdays 10/9c


ER --(10:01PM-11:00PM) --(TV-14 V)
A SHOOTOUT LEAVES THE 'ER' IN CRITICAL CONDITION-- As the 'ER' recovers from the shootout, Steve (Garret Dillahunt), Mary (Natasha Gregson Wagner) and Rafe (Michael Weston) make their way to Canada with Sam (Linda Cardellini) and Alex (Dominic Janes). Steve resorts to desperate measures when his partners in crime suggest that Sam and Alex are hindering their escape. Meanwhile, Weaver (Laura Innes) finds Abby (Maura Tierney) passed out and bleeding and rushes to make sure the baby is safe. Dr. Dubenko (Leland Orser) and Neela (Parminder Nagra) struggly to stabilize Jerry's injuries. Goran Visnjic, Mekhi Phifer, Shane West and Scott Grimes also star.


Starts: 9/21, 10/9 , NBC
Where We Left Off: Sam(Linda Cardellini) and her son were kidnapped by her ex-con hubby after he shot up the hospital. Following the melee, Luka(Goran Visnjic) was left paralysed, Abby’s(Maura Tierney) unborn child was in jeopardy, and Jerry(Abraham Benrubi) was in critical condition.

What’s Next: One cast member will die.

Tony, Tony, Tony: Last year’s guest star John Stamos becomes a regular as a paramedic and med student Tony Gates. “A lot of the thrust of the first 13 episodes will be the establishment of Gates in the hospital,” says exec producer David Zabel. “We’re introducing a bunch of new young characters—med students, interns, and nurses—along with him.” So prepare to meet Tony’s friend Meg (Deadwood’s Paula Malcolmson), and a born again Christian intern( Dawson’s Creek Busy Philips). Pompous new boss Dr. Crenshaw (J.P. Manoux) will keep Neela (Parminder Nagra) miserable.

A Love RX?: Tony and Ray(Shane West) long for newly widowed Neela. But Meg may turn that triangle into a quandrangle.

Checking in: Forest Whitaker appears in five episodes as a partially paralysed former patient of Luka’s. In his first TV role since Fraiser, John Mahoney plays a closeted drag queen with a dying lover. And get this: He’ll sing!


Bloodline - ER
As the 13th season opens, Weaver, Kovac and the other doctors work frantically to try to save Jerry and a pregnant Abby, who were critically injured during the shootout that left the ER in shambles. Meanwhile, Steve and his cohorts head to Canada with captives Sam and Alex. Steve: Garret Dillahunt. Mary: Natasha Gregson Wagner. Rafe: Michael Weston.


Last year’s guest John Stamos checks back in as paramedic/med student Tony Gates, now a series regular, and he’ll be bringing along a lady friend, played by Paula Malcomson (Deadwood’s Trixie). Forest Whitaker will guest-star as a paralyzed former patient of Luka’s (Goran Visnjic), and Sally Field returns as Abby’s (Maura Tierney) manic mom. But first the staff will have to face the aftermath of May’s season-ending hospital shooting.